Our  traditional Thai massage salon Is Located In old city Bratislava, The Capital Of Slovakia where you find peace in a realm of relaxation. Our professional team of therapists will gently loosen your muscles through professional techniques, giving you a feeling of revival. Let us help balance your body and mind. We have more than 10 years of experience. We make every customer using our services contented and satisfied. Currently we provide comprehensive services of Thai massage, spa, body scrub, Ayurveda massage and therapeutic massage are characteristic of ours. we provide more than 10 types of services. We promise that we take care of you full body. We got our certificates from Wat Po temple in Bangkok the best one of massage in the world.

Something about Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage (Nuat Phaen Boran) is a very ancient healing art. The roots of massage dates back to r. 2500 p.n.l. and its effects were verified and improved ago. Thai massage is usually done on a special mattress on the floor and the client is comfortable clothing. The essence of Thai massage is knowledge of energy lines in the body (meridians) and reflex points on the Service. Masseuse these points compresses fingers, heel, knees, forearm or palm and gently while manipulating the body of the client. Thus releasing blocked energy in the meridians and relieves the client from pain and stress. It is an interactive manipulation of the body by stretching and gentle pressure, which also uses elements of acupressure and yoga. Using rhythmic compression, rolling limbs and mild fluctuations were gradually released and properly arrange the energy in your body.
For massage is nice that your body gives flexibility is massage the internal organs oxygenated blood and calms the mind, and unlike yoga exercises all movements done for you masseuse that a massage using his elbows, forearms, feet and knees. For a large number of techniques with which to extend and flex your joints Thai massage also says "yoga for lazy people". The massage should last at least one hour, better and longer lasting effects of the two-hour massage, but preferably, however, get a three-hour massage that will literally "charged" surge energy. It is suitable for all those who yearn for deep relaxation, relieve stress and increase the flexibility of your body as well as for those who want to maintain or improve your condition.