Traditional Thai massage in the past, converting only in Thai temples masters ovládajúcimi treatment. A traditional Thai massage is used stretching, acupressure and yoga elements. It's a yoga effortless for you to carry out a masseur. Massaging the fingers, palms, even elbows, knees or feet. Masseuse gets to the joints and surrounding muscles, which relieves tension and allows energy 'prana' and 'chi' to flow freely him - there is an exchange of energy and balancing the body. Massage effectively affects the physical and mental condition. Relieves physical and mental tension, strengthens the nervous system, regulates blood pressure, improves blood and lymph circulation, cleanses the blood of toxins, removes migrenické pain, improves overall physical condition, the psychological well-being, relaxed and open and stimulates vital energy. Massages are performed without oil, in comfortable clothes, on mattresses on the floor.